First, thanks again for the awesome FastLED library and all the help getting it

First, thanks again for the awesome FastLED library and all the help getting it to work just the way we wanted for the AllPixel firmware! The Kickstarter campaign is now over, the rewards are in the hands of the backers, and it’s now available for general sale through Seeed Studio :slight_smile:

If there are specific distributors you would like to see carry it, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can work out.

Congratulations on the launch! Wishing you great success with this and spreading the light!

WHat do you need to add to make this autonomus? Can it work with batteries?

Sure, and we’ve done it:

Basically, you need a controller (like the Raspberry Pi) to connect the AllPixel to and then a battery pack that can power the Pi (or whatever) and then the AllPixel is powered off the USB from the Pi (again, or whatever).

To confirm, the AllPixel does not run all by itself. It’s a bridge between a computer, even tiny tiny ones like the Pi, and your LEDs.

Depending on the amount of LEDs you have, you can power those from the same battery pack, if it’s big enough. That’s what we did with the POVStick. Basically, we cut off the end of a USB cable and soldered on a 2.1mm barrel jack and plugged that into the AllPixel to power the LEDs. The battery pack we used had two USB ports, one that could do 1A which we used for the Pi and one that could do 2.1A which we used for the LEDs. If you were using less than 500mA of power for the LEDs, you could power it all from USB like this: Battery Pack -> Pi -> AllPixel -> LEDs. Just note that your battery pack will have to output at least 1A, but >2A is recommended.

Feel free to post on the AllPixel support forums with any questions: