Finished this battery pack for use with my solar array.

Finished this battery pack for use with my solar array. No phone will go uncharged!

Hi Martin, nice design.
Are the STLs available somewhere?

I only miss pics of the solar part! Cheers and great job

@Rene_Schmidts not yet. Bit i will upload to thingiverse in a week or so


@Martin_Jorgensen Nice :smiley: Is this kind of battery cheaper and more reliable than the usual? Cheers

@Javier_Prieto according to batteryuniversity will litium-ion batteries last up to 5000 cykles if you only discharge them 10%. (one cykle is considered 100% discharge, or ten 10% discharges). But about relaiability… we’ll see. I build the battery out of old laptop batteries, and they might fail randomly… they have allready seen some use, some way more than others. So basically you decide yourself what kind of batteries (hence relaiability) you want. As i now have alot more of the good batteries, i’ve started to throw out the really low capacity ones.
When you pick a laptop battery appart, you test each cell for capacity (mAh) and if they can hold voltage over a a few weeks. Check out youtube, there’s a bunch of people there who build powerwalls out of old laptop 18650 cells.
New 18650 cells are expensive, but most people just throw out old laptop batteries, so used 18650 cells can be cheap, allthough not all of them will work.

@Rene_Schmidts there upp on thingiverse now.

@Martin_Jorgensen great, thanks a lot :grinning:

@Martin_Jorgensen Could you please ad a link to to your project on thingiverse?