Finally my Truggy is complete.

(Roman Broda) #1

Finally my Truggy is complete. Now only photos, but tomorrow or on Tuesday I’ll post a video.

So i ordered theese CVD’s:
They fit pretty well I just needed to make the hole in Axle Shafts a bit deeper but for this price it was worth it :slight_smile:

(Luca Liaci) #2

i roman your work is beautifull, what kind print do you use for this work?

(Roman Broda) #3

It depends. Some parts are printed with 0.12mm height some with 0.15mm, some even on 0.25.
Thank you for your apprecitation :slight_smile:

(Luca Liaci) #4

sorry ,what kind of printer, my english is very bad

(Roman Broda) #5

Ah :slight_smile:
So I’m using Profabb GATE XL - Polish production.