Finally got back into 3D printing again.

Finally got back into 3D printing again. Had to adjust everything from scratch again, and I made a new printbed: this time from acrylic!
No kapton, no blue tape! So far I’m pretty happy with it - PLA bonds very well to acrylic so it seems like a good print surface. I didn’t even need to sand it.

I like PLA a lot but hate how the filament brittles if not stored properly.

My stuff snaps overnight after a long print…

Acrylic is known for warping over time - MakerBot Rep2 users know this too well. So if you’re getting weird tramming issues, first check if the acrylic sheet is still flat.

Plain glass is awesome :slight_smile:

Borosilicate glass with a frosted surface I’ve heard is even better. I use BSG glass with blue tape at 35C.

@Richard_Mitchell I have yet to try that, sounds promising