Filament Jams? What would be some factors in chronic filament jams?

Filament Jams?
What would be some factors in chronic filament jams?

The temperature is staying the range set.
The tubing has not changed
I have changed out the nozzle

Dust being pulled along the filament. Take a paper towel and a binder clip. Wrap the towel around the filament as it enters the extruder and use the binder clip to make the towel snug.

Depends on the nature of the jams. Do they happen over time at random points or does it seem to take a consistent amount of time before they show up? What are you having to do to clear the jam?

Some possible causes of filament jams:

Heat creep - your extruder cooling fan is not working properly. These jams will show up over time. The prints will start out fine and then turn lacy or stop flowing altogether.

Filament swells - bad filament. The swell will not pass through the extruder port resulting in a jam just below the hobbed gear.

Hobbed gear - The above can lead to chip in the hobbed gear that if not cleared can trigger additional jams.

The hobbed gear could be slipping on the extruder stepper shaft. These jams are typically very cyclic and show up early in the print.

As mentioned above dirty filament can clog the nozzle and jam. I take it from your comment above you are not replacing the nozzle each time? That would be a red flag for dirty filament if you have to replace the nozzle after each jam.

If you have a PTFE tube in your guide channel it could be worn out and swelling as it gets hot which over time will choke off the flow and jam. Sometimes you will get filament welding to it.

If you have an all metal end you could have filament bonding to the inside of the guide channel which will cook and cross link and require higher temps to melt resulting in intermittent jams.

It would also be helpful to know what type of hotend - OEM or clone. Also what kind of filament you are using.

@Jeff_Parish has a lot of good points. It really depends on why they are happening. I know that if you have a lot of retractions happening that it can cause issues. Or retracting too far can also do it. There are a number of reasons as to why.

Have e3d v6 and pla filament

What @Kevin_Danger_Powers points out is what I call retraction generated heat creep from too many retractions too fast and too far. It drags the heat up into the guide tube faster than the external fan can dissipate it and you get a jam.