Fiber laser with 24" working bed?

Hey all,

I’m looking for a fiber laser that has both rotary capabilities and able to cut along a 24" axis??

Any recommendations?

Not much of a response… maybe if you were to clarify…?

What are you cutting? Most of my time has been with hobby lasers and my 50W fiber is an engraver, not really designed to cut… It will and I’ve done it, but it’s not something I’d think useful for a commercial application… It’s really not the right tool for the job.

I assume you’re a thinking it’s configured with a galvo head, not a gantry…?

With cutting area of 24" square, I would think lenses would be an issue. You have to get it high enough and the proper lens to cover that area.

I buy lenses for my fiber at about $60 each… If I had gone to a 100W, the price of the lens goes up 8 times… close to $500 for the same lens and this is just power. A fiber is a pulse laser, so it’s initial lase, on my machine is 1.8kW. So the lens has to take the full 100W.

It sounds like a gantry fiber would be more applicable… but there is a severe lack of information with your question.

If you’re doing this commercially, that’s kind of out of my league.

Good luck



I’m looking to ENGRAVE only. 416 stainless with be my most common material. I’m looking to be able to engrave the length of a rifle barrel.

Your description says cut

I don’t think you’ll find a reasonable machine to engrave or mark barrels. At least without moving the material. Reasonable, I mean as an individual… I’d think that would be relatively specialized.

Hang in there and see if anyone else pipes up… It’s bigger than I’ve seen.


Hunting around, I see some that might be applicable. They start at around $85k US to around $285k US…

They have to be pretty large to handle a barrel, it’s the length. Add to that, it’s metal engraving…

I don’t think I can really help you and hopefully someone in the business can give you better news or and alternative.


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Did you ever find anything?

Have you asked around the gunsmiths groups?