FastLED v2.1 v3.0 Released Since the FastLED G+ community now has over a thousand

That would be great… “powered by http://FASTLED.IO

Absolutely, I have a kickstarter coming up in Dec. I’d love to show my fastled pride.

Thanks guys!

Thanks for this page too! :

Thank you guys! Brilliant work.

Not wanting to sound wanting more already… but… can’t wait for interrupts with Neopixels — that’s going to be killer! I actually have a product I’m developing that requires it.

Huzzah! Awesome work @Daniel_Garcia and @Mark_Kriegsman . And thank you to the FastLED community for the great discussions, examples, and all around enthusiastic support. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, you’re awesome :slight_smile:

Awesome news, and totally deserving of the 3.0 version!

Love you guys!