FastLED v2.1 v3.0 Released Since the FastLED G+ community now has over a thousand

(Mark Kriegsman) #1

FastLED v2.1 v3.0 Released

Since the FastLED G+ community now has over a thousand members(!)

We’re proud to announce a fabulous new full-release version of FastLED, an open source LED animation library for Arduino. We’ve been working on this version under the name “v2.1” for much of this year, but it’s got so much shiny new stuff in it, that we decided to officially designate it “v3.0”. Over and above v2.0, this new version supports lots of new hardware and also includes:

  • vibrant new color, light, and power controls,
  • more than ten new example animations for you to remix (including ‘fire’),
  • high performance math functions including fast sine and cosine, and
  • absolutely the fastest Perlin/Simplex noise generators ever seen on Arduino.

A big thanks goes out to the entire FastLED community, who’ve helped shape and refine this library, and who have built some absolutely stunning projects with it.

Here’s some more detail on what’s in this release:

New Microcontroller Support Added

  • Arduino Due
  • Teensy 3.1
  • Digistump DigiX
  • Continued support for most other Arduino boards (Uno, Leonardo, Nano, Micro, etc.), the Adafruit Trinket, Gemma, and Flora, as well as PJRC Teensy 2 and Teensy 3.0.

New LED Chip Support Added

  • APA102
  • APA104
  • GW6205 / GW6205_400
  • LPD1886
  • P9813 Total Control Lighting LEDs
  • USC1903_400
  • SmartMatrix
  • Continued support for NeoPixel, WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, WS2801, LPD8806, TM1809, TM1804, TM1803, and SM16716!

New Color, Light, and Power Controls

  • Programmable Color Palettes (CLUTs)
  • High-speed temporal dithering for smooth dimming with the master brightness control
  • Ability to calibrate each strip’s RGB colors
  • Ability to adjust the LED white point / temperature
  • Ability to automatically limit LED power draw (current)

Perlin/Simplex Noise

  • 1- 2- and 3-dimensional Perlin/Simplex noise
  • Multiple octave noise support
  • Example sketches using ‘noise’ for animated texture generation

New Example Sketches

  • XYMatrix - show how to use a 2-D matrix of leds
  • Fire2012 - simple, fast fire simulation
  • Perlin/Simplex Noise - dynamic texture animation examples
  • ColorPalette - showing how to use color palettes (CLUTs)
  • ColorTemperature - color correction and white point adjustment
  • Examples showing how to drive multiple independent LED strips

High Performance Math Package

  • High-speed sine and cosine
  • Cubic, triangle, and quadratic wave functions
  • In/Out easing functions

And Also…

  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements
  • A big, shiny new version number to go with all this great code

Daniel Garcia & Mark Kriegsman, October 2014

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

We’ll be doing some cleanup on the repo and the wiki, but the github master branch is now live. Share and enjoy!

(Erin St. Blaine) #3

Yay!!! Thanks so much guys!!

(Erin St. Blaine) #4

(Can I use interrupts with neopixels now?)

(Andrew Tuline) #5

Awesomely awesome!

(Hien Pham) #6

Nice. I get to updated my Version. I tried updated my version a week ago, and things stop working. -_- Hopefully this work great!

(Daniel Garcia) #7

Interrupts will be soon!

(Zeke Koch) #8

Looking forward to playing this weekend. Just in time for halloween!

(Mark Kriegsman) #9

NeoPixel/Interrupt support is coming - but it’s not here yet. We wanted to get a stable, solid release out the door (finally!), and now we can go back to the code mines and get things like the interrupt support released. We have it working in ‘in the lab’. It’s not packaged up for human consumption yet - but on the sooner side, I’d guess…

(Jon Burroughs) #10

Beat generators??? :slight_smile:

(Mark Kriegsman) #11

And as always: if you hit bugs in the library, please let us know! We love finding and fixing stuff, and making it ever-more-useful and fast.

(Dave Morgan) #12

This is great news - congratulations guys!

(Mark Kriegsman) #13

Yep: BPM beat generators! Check out

(Buddy Smith) #14

I’m waiting for the parallel output branch to become shared…I’d love to tinker with it!

(Kyle Beck) #15

So awesome! Thank you guys for all your hard work on this!

(Anthony Ollerton) #16

Great news, and we’ll timed!

(Adam Groves) #17

Great Work Guys, Well done.

(Christopher Smolinski) #18

Thanks guys!

(Justin Eastman) #19

I have been around since FastSPI_LED in 2011. I don’t have the time to even attempt to use all the great stuff and am always finding new things to help me out (or in the case of dithering figuring out how to turn it off!). Your library has come leaps and bounds since the beginning. Truly an extremely incredible contribution to a lot of led art out there and quite a selfless contribution at that. I certainly owe a big portion of thanks to you for enabling me to spend more time making art and less time worrying about the hardware. Thank you for everything you do!


There should be some sort of http://FASTLED.IO logo or something we can put on a t-shirt. I am a huge fan and advocate. I would certainly wear it proudly and love it if you guys profited from it!

(Christopher Smolinski) #20

I second that @Justin_Eastman ! There should be a logo so I can slap it on my projects!