Fake Pixels. Does it possible? Hello! Sorry for pore English.

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Fake Pixels. Does it possible?
Hello! Sorry for pore English. I need to make setup with “fake pixels”. For example - I have 90 leds. I put them on circle like clock, but there are some distance between first and last. For example - 10 leds.
How to make that controller will calc animation for 100 pixels, but really their count is 90?
Main trouble, that empty space not at the beginning, but in middle and config is more complex then circle.
In case if pixel was physically in place and I need just make them black - I can make array with number, that I need off and at the end of animation procedure, that calcs for all pixels, I can off this array at the end of calculating animation. But in my setup pixels physically absent and I’m confused does it possible to calc animation for all pixels, when some of them physically cut off.
Thanks. One more excuse for pore English )

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You can declare 100leds and have only 90 on your strip that is not the issue. Could you make a quick drawing of what you want to build ? It will be easier to understand

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You should do this in software that drives your pixels, not in the pixel control library, and there are a number of approaches that work. One of to calculate for 100 then clip off the others before you drive the leds. Another is to use a look up table that has the radial location of each led, so you can easily configure for non perfect layout. I am sure there are others. It is a good basic programming exercise, and the best solution depends on circumstances. Don’t overthink and just try something.

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Try to think that I need run sinelon this way, as picture (from up left, row by row). Grey - it is absent pixels.
Physically pixels would be connected without gray pixels, but I need to make, that calculation procedure calculating as they are on place.
Try to think that I need run sinelon. If I make as is - it would not look right. But if it would calc, that pixels on place - it would looks right.
I think next: I have 44 pixels (on picture). I will make NUM_LEDS 45, make array of 44 elements, and all grey pixel numbers put to array as 45-th pixel (that physically absent). Sinelon would run not by typical order, but with order in array.
I’m not good programmer and think, that this way may be stupid and there are some another algorithm :slight_smile:
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@fa25514ad7a4d6321c2d - The following posts with links to code by @Garrett_Mace deal with using @Mark_Kriegsman "s XY mapping for Garrett’s awesome RGB Shades. These posts may be useful to you:

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