Failure to load firmware

I am back to trying to load the firmware on my L7 which I have had for about 6 months. I try the Xloader and have 2 hex files in my folder, they are VigoEngraver_Firmware_V1.3_B20200718.hex
Standard_Grbl_v1.1f.hex I have tried both many times and have only the responce ‘‘Cannot open’’ I have the correct location for the files. I have used the device as written (ATmerga328) com port 1 at the moment is free but changed to other free ports to no avail, Baurd rate 115200. Pressed uplaod and the Cannot open. Why it cannot open I do not know everything is as written in the documentation. what am I doing wrong. Any help would be gladly appreciated. I have also tried from the control panel that starts uploading but quickly says Upload failed, a note appears saying the control board needs to be upgraded press ok to upload, click ok and that says failed. Thank you for any help to get me started.