Eye Ball Popcorn

Friday evening project with a back story.

So around the block from me is a house that usually has very good crafted Halloween decorations.

This year it’s this large phantom that is staging a puppet show with skeletons. Check the paper mache(?) eyes in the palm of the hands. Various smaller skeletons are also around. Including one that appears to be hanging out watching the show.

Finally got some night pictures and I showed them to my daughter.

She said that it would be cool if the small skeleton had a box of eye balls, like popcorn.
I was like that would be a neat idea and I joking said she was in charge of getting the eye balls.

She gave me a sly look and said “Would you believe me if I told you I already have the eye balls?” I was like “Whaaa…”.

Apparently she had picked up a bag of fake eye balls at a charity yard sale about a year ago. Because you know, “they might come in handy one day”. :man_facepalming::joy:

That’s my daughter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So the make was on.

We have a bunch of plastic popcorn boxes :popcorn: left from when my daughter was young and we would do movie screenings in the back yard for her and her friends.

Took one and drilled some holes in the bottom so it would drain if it rained. We didn’t have anywhere near enough eye balls to fill up the box so I laser cut a tight fit platform from some 2mm acrylic sheet. Complete with drainage holes. Tacked in place with some hot glue.
(You could just stuff some bubble wrap in the box to pad it if you don’t have a laser cutter)

Stacked the eye balls and tacked them together with hot glue. To keep the box from falling over, I 3D printed a stake and glued it to the bottom.

(Alternately you could fill the bottom with something weighty like rocks.)

I will try and sneak it in late tonight if the rain lets up. Other wise definitely tomorrow night. :grin:


Rain didn’t let up last night, so will try tonight. In the mean time I decided to make the stake removable.

3D printed a cap joint with a good fiction fit for the pad of the stake and glued that on the bottom of the popcorn box.

It will make it easier to plant the stake and make the whole thing easier to store if they decide to keep it.

Lol, I need to get rid of this thing before it develops more feature creep. :laughing: