ey people! we are working on controllin ws2811 via artnet through ethernet.

(Leo Bettinelli) #1

ey people!

we are working on controllin ws2811 via artnet through ethernet. You can check the approach in the link below.

In the new version of the library is possible to state the RGB order in the code, but I havent found this possibility in this code or in FastSPI_LED.h

Any hint?


(Daniel Garcia) #2

Rgb order in FastLED is done at compile time, it cannot be set at runtime.

(Leo Bettinelli) #3

ok. Could you please check the code link for me in case you can see where I can change the RGB order? I have no idea where to check. thanks!

(Daniel Garcia) #4

I can’t right now, but you can look at https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/Rgb-calibration and see what you need to do/look for yourself.

(Greg Heinz) #5

What software are you u

(Leo Bettinelli) #6

I am not sure to what software do you refer to, but I am using arduino ide 0023 for the code, and chamsys magicq to drive the stripes.

(PaulStoffregen) #7

Maybe this can help?

I can tell you many people have used it successfully in large LED projects.

(Leo Bettinelli) #8

thank you very much!

We are already succesfully driving the Leds. The only thing is that Ic oculdnt find the way to calibrate RGB in the older version of the library “FastSPI_LED”

The calibration in “FastLED” is pretty straight forward, and I am missing how to do it in “FastSPI_LED”

(Daniel Garcia) #9

Ah! That’s you’re problem - you should stop using FastSPI_LED and move to FastLED (preferrably the 3.1 branch). I didn’t add the rgb re-ordering until FastLED.

(Leo Bettinelli) #10

aja ok. thanks!