Extruders- I was watching this video,

Extruders- I was watching this video, this Ultimaker has some sort of boom arm with the extruder on it. Has anyone seen something like this? I have extra rods from mis-measuring my frame and some extra bushings. I know Walter did an articulating arm with bearings but this seems a little bit simpler. The notes say Bondtech, but I don’t recognize it as such.

Neat idea! I guess the theory is the weight reduction on the existing linear bearings offsets the additional friction from the new bearing? I almost want to reach in and put a quarter-circle support for a radial bearing at the end of the rod.

i am trying to get my head around it- it looks promising. we can get square, hex or even splined shafting to drive the extruder. the extruder gear is what has me stymied right now.

Still trying to understand what exactly this would do, but it appears to be a “Zero gravity extruder”. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2348263

@Pete_LaDuke That is it! I could not get thingiverse search to work. . It would shorten up the Bowden to an almost Direct drive length system. Walter has an articulated arm system doing similar.
“Much still to write about how to print this, assemble and use it correctly”

@Dennis_P I have seen Walters version and I agree that they appear similar, I’m just not sure they function the same. After reading the full write up from Thingiverse this setup appears to be geared for printing very accurately with PLA, but not so much with ABS, or I’m assuming with other materials.