External SdCard module on Smoothieboard

Hi all,

I am trying to connect an external Sdcard module to the smoothie panel (the small panel plugged on top) according to the SD pin assignment.

All is good until the module is connected with the RepRap display( connector EXP2 not using the display sd-card, just an external module), but I need to get rid of the display and use just the SD module, as I am using a touchscreen now.
Can someone please help me on how to configure the config file?
It seems that using the SD SPI port and relative pins it doesn’t work, or I am doing something wrong…
Any help is very welcome.
PS. the SD module is Sd detect capable as the RepRap display, and the new version of the panel has the pin dedicated to connect an external SD card reader.
It looks like I cannot find any documentation about the new version of the panel

Best regards.

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