Excited to have just purchased this.

Excited to have just purchased this. After a lot of consideration and comparisons using this comparison chart: http://goo.gl/IxNmd

I’ve ordered a couple of them too. Looking forward to one of them controlling my Lulzbot TK-0 printer.

I’ll be building a Prusa i3 with the controller, also ordered these lasercut supports - http://shop.seemecnc.com/Prusa-i3-LC-Parts-w-side-supports-i3LCP.htm

I’m currently printing with a prototype of that board and couldn’t be happier.

I corrected 4pi entry in the chart a bit:) But its misleading a little. For example, number of available firmwares dont really matter, you will be using Marlin (or board specific) firmware anyway:) And number of endstops dont matter much, you are going to use 3 endstops anyway.

@Vaclav_Hula Thank you! I am an extreme novice and have been learning everyday. I am not most qualified to make this chart but one didn’t exist so I had to! :wink: