Error while trying to import stl. files from my robotic arm

and if its possible to use spindle/laser with grblGru, tnx

I don’t know what you did exactly. I just renamed your STLs and then entered the pivot points of the axes in the MachineManager.
You will find the corresponding files in the attachment. (Rename file and unzip)
You can make the necessary changes there and then simply load them again.

Your idea of positioning a spindle or a laser with the arm is certainly technically very interesting and appealing.
But the effort involved would be very high in relation to the benefits. (767.2 KB)

Is it possible to manually change xyz cordinates of the svg?

while trying to perform m96, m97, m90 commands i get the error 20, i am using the mega5x ABCDEH configuration from grblgru premade configurations. how can i fix this so it will recognise them.
thank you

do you have a config.h file of the abcdeh version?
i think they (M96,M97) must be added manually in the config file.

I have finally solved the problem with positioning the DXF or SVG geometry. I have changed your model a little.
When you press the “Set Workpiece Zero Point” button, the geometry is now always positioned below the tool.
I have made a short video about this and also attached the 2 project files.
Please rename".nc" to “.GRU”

You have already seen that the m96, m97 etc. commands are part of the controller software. Unfortunately, I don’t have the corresponding versions. (237.3 KB) (8.0 KB)