Error in Whisperer after jogging - Rapid Move Failed

Full error message: Rapid Move Failed: The laser cutter is not responding after 10 attempts

This just started happening yesterday

Going to reinstall Whisperer today and see if that makes any difference

That means the computer lost it’s connection with the laser controller. Clicking the Initialize button should reconnect.

Thanks for the reply Scorch.

Yes clicking on the Initialize button does reconnect every time but also send the laser back to home which is the part I am trying to avoid

There is an option in the general settings to turn off homing when the initialize button is pressed.

off to the shed I go :slight_smile:

Thanks Scorch - I have reinstalled Whisperer and also the drivers so I will see if the it happens again but at least now I have a work around that solves the issue for me

Appreciate the help :slight_smile: