Error in documentation?

Hi, I was just reading up again on some leveling stuff and found some confusing stuff in the documentation. Specifically, this is about leveling “only_by_two_corners”. Is G31 or G32 currently the right command for that?
The documentation for “only_by_two_corners” was changed quite a while ago from G31 to G32.
Here’s the comparison link

My own probing script which I wrote longish ago uses G31 for probing by two corners.

In supported G-Codes ( ) G32 is defined as a command for calibrating delta end stops and arm radius.

Did the command change at some point? Something doesn’t add up currently.

I believe there was something like that, either the documentation, or the code was changed a while back, I think to fix a mistake made previously where it was the wrong Gcode talked about, or used.

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Ok, so I took a look at the code.

bool CartGridStrategy::handleGcode(Gcode *gcode)
    if(gcode->has_g) {
        if(gcode->g == 31 || gcode->g == 32) { // do a grid probe

Looks like both G31 and G32 should work. But the usage of G31/G32 varies between probing strategies.

I think it would probably be good to at least update the “supported g-codes” page. G32 should be more broadly defined as a probing related command with the actual purpose depending on the configured strategy; plus add a link to the Z Probe page. (Basically, the same as the description for G31).

Maybe it would also be nice to add some note on the PCB milling/only_by_two_corners page about the change of the command. That should help to prevent confusion.

I wanted to offer to do that if it sounds alright to you. But I just noticed that the documentation is read-only now.

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I added the G32 mention like you suggested, and please feel free to improve things in any way you see fit, it’s very welcome. It shouldn’t be read-only if you create an account.