Engraver and computer not connecting......what should I do?

Engraver and computer not connecting…what should I do?

If you can we will need some more info on your setup. e.g. Is this a new machine?

Could be the USB cable. If you have a printer floating around, see if you can borrow its cable for a test (they’re usually the same).

@Nedman it is a new machine

What software do you have?

Do you have the Usb dongle plugged into the computer… Looks like a thumb drive… You will also have to set up the software for the type of board you have and input the serial number off the board into the software

Is there anyone in the Denver area that knows about this machine

If you are using the software it comes with you need to put the key from your board into the program also make sure you have the usb key plugged in when using it as well