Emmets geared bearing from yesterday's print I hooked it up to the drill press

Emmets geared bearing from yesterday’s print I hooked it up to the drill press to see how well it work and what kind of RPM it could hold up to. I started at 1700 and worked up to 3100 RPM I’d like to set it up and see how long it would run at that speed before failing. I’m try to set up some sort of time lapse video of it running till it fails that might be cool to watch.

Video not available. Had the same issue the other day. Uploaded to YouTube instead and published from there.

“I am wearing safety glasses, in case this thing decides to explode on me.”
Classic! :slight_smile:

That is cool test.
Did you provided any force with your hand? Does bearing get warm?
Any wear and tear on rollers?

I was going to do some diffrent test this weekend but I’ll be out of town so they’ll have to wait till Monday. I did run this bearing on the press for 35min. at 3100 RPM it held up great it wasn’t even warm at the end. I really want to make a project that uses these just because there so cool. I’m open to suggestions

Why on gods green earth are you protecting your eyes and then holding on to a piece of machinery that could rip your fingers off in a second. Please hold the bearing with something other then your hand. If that bearing let go at 3000 rpm the shrapnel in your hand would be enough to send you to the hospital.

Cool video though :slight_smile:

For the people worried about the safety of my hands for the second test i did clamp the bearing down but yeah that was a little crazy i was just really eager to test the part