Easy way to attach photos from Google Photos

One of the things I liked about G+ is that I could directly attach videos and photos for Google Photos.

I found an almost as easy [one extra step] way to add stuff from photos here.
I am using Chrome.

  • Open or have open a “Maker Forum” in a tab and open a post that you want to add a photo to.
  • Open a tab with Google Photos
  • Click the check mark in the upper right of the item you want to upload to your post.
  • In the upper right of google photos click on the three dots to download the item
  • The item will download into the tray at the bottom of chrome. [your downloads folder]
  • Click and then drag that item from the Chrome tray to the “Maker Forum” tab and drop it there.
  • Maker forum will open to your post and the item will upload into your post.