Dog Collar

My son and daughter in law wanted a Harley Davidson dog collar for their small dog. Unfortunately HD is no longer making dog collars so I said I would give it a go. This is a proof of concept and I wanted to see how it fits Porsche. My cat weighs more than her so I want to make sure the dimensions are a good fit!
I also want to use a different buckle so that I do not need to make a loop for the excess.


I can see this on a dog since they don’t groom themselves but on a cat? Do I hear the meows everytime it goes to clean its shoulders and below its neck?

I was using the cat as a reference on how small the dog is. NEVER put a collar on a cat. I have seen too many get their legs caught in the collars.


Before we pulled ours back inside we’d put the break-away collars on the cat along with a bell to try and give the birds/critters a chance. Went through about $60 worth before we gave up. Now an indoor cat but gets to go out sometimes on a harness and 12’ leash as long as we’re nearby.


Nice did you laser engrave this?

It was all cut by hand. I was going to at first but then realized it would be just as fast to hand cut it.
The Harley Davidson plaque is from some other things I’ve had laying around.

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Version 2. This one is wider and I put a second piece of leather on the back side so that the screws will not rub the neck. Unfortunately I could not find a piece of pink leather that was long enough in a single length so the seam can be seen but it does not appear to bother the dog!