Does anyone know of a source for grant money that could help a California

Does anyone know of a source for grant money that could help a California public school get 3d printers?

I took the 3d printer to the local elementary school’s science fair, and it was quite a hit. I had printed about 350 pendants of the school’s logo to give away (not knowing how many would be needed), and I think I have around 50 left.

I talked to the principal and offered to teach a 3d printing class if the school gets some printers, but they would need a grant.

Try some of the big tech companies in CA. My school’s robotics team (and 3d printer I built for them) are both funded by XILINX, oracle, and barracuda networks.

edit: Besides that, I was offered PTSA money to get the printer before the VP said we could dip into the robotics funds for it. This is a CA public high school btw.

Thanks @Nick_Parker , are you by the offices of those companies? Was their donation to local schools or was it more of a grant thing?

W’re reasonably close (Campbell, and most of the companies are in the Bay Area. Barracuda is just down the street, but didn’t give us much.)

Our robotics team just asked most of them for money and got $1000-$2000 from each in exchange for plastering their logos about. XILINX gave us $25,000, and an engineering curriculum, but I’m pretty sure that’s a set program for high schools.

On the topic of other motives, Autodesk might be willing to throw you some cash if you teach the kids 123d design. If you lobby them well they might throw you lots of cash and copies of Inventor. They love hooking kids on their software.

Basically we just trade brand placement for money. So try hitting up CAD companies, 3d printer manufacturers and just anybody who’s logo you see on shirts a lot.

Not a grant, but have educational discounts.