Does anyone know how to use Blender's 3D Printing Toolbox from Python script?

Does anyone know how to use Blender’s 3D Printing Toolbox from Python script?

If it’s possible, we can check a 3D data is printable automatically.

There’s not much to it- click the ‘check all’ button and view results. It doesn’t fix anything, it just shows you potential problems.

Hi Roger,
Thank you and you are correct. I think the validating process is not easy for beginners to print 3D model. I’d like to reduce the studying cost but no idea…

My suggestion it’s just export stl and try to slice and only use the blender 3d toolkit if there are slicing problems. It can show you where to look. Mainly to check for vertices that need to be welded. Also, remember to triangulate before you export your stl file.

I think “errors” in 3D models will become less and less of an issue with evolving slicing software.

My latest Cura beta for example, it has a few options to act in different ways on faulty models (especially on self-intersections). And it doesn’t need perfect manifold meshes. I’m working on improving this even more so you can slice and print even worse models.

I’ve downloaded a few 3D “art” models which are full of holes, and quite of few of them I can already print correctly with the right options. Even if they are full of holes and intersect at different areas.

(And Blender is difficult to learn. I know some basics and might write a tutorial about how to fix-up your model soon)