Does anyone know about online tool which enable kind of cut and paste for

(Roni Segoly) #1

Does anyone know about online tool which enable kind of cut and paste for between models?

(Jacob Bridenbecker (Wing)) #2

I’m not sure what you mean, but meshmixer does pretty much everything you could need if you’ve only got an stl or obj

(Roni Segoly) #3

I meant he ability to mark a section of STL copy to clipboard and paste in another model. Mashmixer is not online, am I right?

(Jacob Bridenbecker (Wing)) #4

meshmixer can do that for you, but it is an app you have to download. you might give Tinkercad a shot, its online, but idk if it’ll do what you want

(Roni Segoly) #5

I wish tinkercad could do it. I use it for exercise I give to students and want to give them the ability to also cut and paste. In Tinkercad you can copy and paste meaning before I copy a section I need destroy the model so I have only the part I want to copy

(Jacob Bridenbecker (Wing)) #6

@Roni_Segoly if they’ve made the model in tinkercad or imported from another tinkercad model they can, if they’ve just downloaded an stl from somewhere else they need an app like meshmixer.

(Mano Biletsky (Open MAKER)) #7

I have been looking for this also recently. Short story: unless you’re willing to pay for netfabb pro/premium, there is no other option than using meshmixer. However, it was so much easyer to do that i thought. Though it only works well on high polygon models since you can only cut off whole polygons. Then you need to fill the hole. If the polygons are too large, the bottom of the model will not be straight. You can also fix this by lowering your model for example 1mm into the bed in your slicer. Your slicer will automatically cut off the part below the bed and make everything straight. Though you will loose that 1mm and you have to account for that while using meshmixer.

(Justice hoaxng) #8