Does anyone have the speeds on how quickly the B9 Creator creates?

Does anyone have the speeds on how quickly the B9 Creator creates? The resolution is certainly amazing but there comes a point where that many layers at x seconds per layer becomes prohibitive in the consumer’s mind. I can’t find any info on the net about speed. We need a standard object to print that will show speed/resolution capability of the various printers.

I’m waiting for cheaper, less toxic and non-stinking resin to hit the market before diving into SLA/DLP printing. The stuff is really expensive right now (and hard to reuse).

That’s what I was worried about. 15 min/layer at 25microns per layer is a long build cycle.

For me, it a matter of using the right tool for the right job. If I’m printing a miniature sculpture I’ll fire up the 0.10 mm nozzle on my Printrbot for a 2 - 3 hour print. I’m actually wanting to post some comparisons of some the models from this article. I’m also doubtful about the practicality of their technology for large FAST prints. Slow QUALITY prints? Yeah, it has it’s advantages. If I want to print something big fast, I just switch to a bigger nozzle. Can’t do anything like that with the B9Creator as far as I can tell.

Looking at the photos of the B9Creator prints again today. It’s damn hard to beat at miniature prints. Impressive stuff.