Does anyone have plans for a DIY 4th axis for rotary engraving?

Does anyone have plans for a DIY 4th axis for rotary engraving? :slight_smile:

There’s a watchmaker out in New Jersey who has a whole pile of webpages on neat stuff he’s built, and goes through a step-by-step of making a small rotary table built around a wormgear he found on ebay. It’s a chunk of work to finish. I want to build one, but for $300 I could buy a Sherline rotary table with a mount for a stepper motor and have it ready to run in two days.

I was wrong: he repairs cameras.

stil working on it…

Maybee this is something for you?

Maybe this is something for you :

Not a done recipe, but i think i can duplicate that :smiley:

No indeed, it’s not a tutor, but I did show the basics to adapt to your needs. Hope it helps, good luck

it sure did… I’ll have a look at it in the upcoming weekend. :slight_smile:

There was a home machinist who had a huge website detailing tons of shop made jigs and tools. All his designs were very clean and organized. I think he was Japanese, does anyone know the site I’m talking about?

I have a table top vertical cnc mill, a MaxNC10 and have all the parts to convert it to 4 axis. Just need to get it done.

Oh. I need to explain that it does have 4 motor controllers but they are for unipolar motors. But I have all parts for a bipolar conversion with 4 motors. As week add the rotary table mount.