Does anyone have any suggestions for an inexpensive,

Does anyone have any suggestions for an inexpensive, easy to learn modeling software that would be likely to get noticed on an engineering resume?


Onshape is a good soft.


Onshape is great. Fusion 360 will get better resume press due to its similarity with Inventor. It’s all the same concepts though, once you understand the fundamentals of what you’re doing the rest is “where is that button that does that thing is this software package”

Also, keep in mind, good modelling practices come with time not just the ability to make a shape. A good CAD guy/gal is able to quickly and easily make changes because he/she modelled it “right” the first time.

As you’re learning, work under the idea of preserving design intent, not just making a shape. If you want something centered, draw it constrained and dimensioned that way. That will make you a much better CAD driver as well!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone and thank you for the advice, Mike.