Does anyone have any good videos about "bridging" versus Support?

Does anyone have any good videos about “bridging” versus Support?
Thingiverse has a featured item called the secret heart box where Emmet says he feels support is “cheating” and uses only “bridging.” Thanks in advance.

What exactly are you asking? Are you asking what the difference is between bridging and support?

Support just means that you add material underneath unsupported sections to make them easier to print. Think the architectural equivalent of adding a load-bearing support. At a small size, this is wasteful and unnecessary; a properly-calibrated printer can handle slight overhangs and unsupported bridge sections. Support materials are also difficult to perfectly remove, so using supports when they are unnecessary will produce a less-perfect finished print.

Yes. What is the difference between bridging and support?

You put support under bridges if you don’t believe your printer can span a gap (bridge the gap) without support. Support material is supposed to break away, get cut away, or be dissolved away using specific solvents.