Does anyone have a hobby king part number or link for the cvd?

Does anyone have a hobby king part number or link for the cvd? I want to order them.

Search for HPI86302 on eBay. 118mm dog bones

Wow, $55. If I get two sets of those I could basically buy a turggy. I am looking for something more like this:

or maybe these:

So could you please tell me wich one is right?

@Michael_Heck Well I can’t tell you for sure because I have been waiting over a month for my order from HobbyKing.

These are the ones that I wanted, but were back ordered. Seems like they might be in stock now. One of the comments has dimensions and from what I could tell they should work.

They were backordered for weeks and I ended up getting frustrated and ordering these instead.

But since I am still waiting for the package to arrive I can’t say for sure if either of them will fit.

Hope that helps a little,

@Joshua_Updyke did those cvd’s end up working?

I’ve not build the car ready till now. The Differential is not working good…

Sorry for not being active in the project lately. Waiting months to get my parts from Hobbyking kinda bummed me out and the project went into a box for a while. Your message made me dig it out and for that I want to say thank you.

I couldn’t get the CVD for the Quanum Vandal (HobbyKing Part Number: 382000124), because they were back-ordered and HobbyKing couldn’t tell me how long until they would get more. But it looks like they might be back in stock.

But I did get some front CVDs for a Toxic Nitro (HobbyKing Part Number: 9249000634-0). These are almost twice as much, and didn’t fit. They long shaft is about 5mm shorter, and the shoulder is about 3 mm short. So all in all they are about 8mm too short. It might be possible to shorten the length of some of the parts to work with this CVD.

I had a horrible experience with HobbyKing and would love to find a better place to get parts in the USA. Anyone that knows please let me know.

Hope that helps. If you need more measurements I can get them for you.

+Joshua Updike No problem I’m glad I got someone back into this awesome project! So will the Quanum Vandal (HobbyKing Part Number: 38200012) work with the truggy?

@jefff1397 I can’t say for sure that they will work. Most people here who have built the truggy are getting things from a company that will not ship to the USA. The Quanum Vandal (HobbyKing Part Number: 38200012) are my best lead for a USA equivalent part. Hobbyking does not list the dimensions, but someone posted a comment that listed the dimensions as:

“roughly shaft diam: 3.5mm shaft lenght :78 mm thread diam: 4mm thread lenght: 10mm thread shaft 12mm lenght , 5mm diam socket : 12mm diameter , 7mm width enjoy”

I have them on order again, but until I get them I can’t say for sure that they will work.


@Joshua_Updyke Alright well when you receive them could you post a comment letting me know how they worked out? Thanks!

@jefff1397 Yep I will make a post once the parts arrive. Hopefully it doesn’t take them 2 months like my last order did.

@jefff1397 just made a new post about the new CVDs from hobbyking.