Do you guys know about the Luminancer app?

Do you guys know about the Luminancer app? Check out what it does to POV video. I’m absolutely floored. I haven’t even played with the various settings yet, this is just straight-up out of my phone.

Originally shared by Erin St. Blaine

My tasty Supernova Poi, shot with #luminancer @adafruit #pov #arduino #diy

Wow. Holy cats that looks great.
Gotta check out that app…

How does it compare to what is seen live?

It’s a little blurrier than real life but the trails are more or less the same size. (Depending, of course, on your state of mind :wink:

I just tried it on a slow-animating sketch, on a tripod, and it’s great!

I’m pretty sure it works by additive frame blending which is super simple to implement for those so inclined, I wrote a processing sketch for it to do this: I can’t find the sketch quickly but if I remember right then all you need to do is draw frames of a movie/webcam to the screen. First set the blend mode to LIGHTEST and then slightly darken everything each frame too to stop everything saturating to white (and don’t clear between frames!). You can probably write/find a shader for it so it’ll work in VLC and other video playback programs that allow shader effects too. EDIT here you go: - a version for processing with a webcam