Dip Switch and Config Settings Questions

(Aaron Sippel_SW) #1

Hi there, Im exhausted on researching so I got a quick question…
My 2 phase motor ratings are:
Rated voltage=3V
Current/Phase = 3A
Impendance/Phase = 1 ohm
Inductance/Phase = 4.3mH
Degree/Step .9…

I take it I set my dip switch on my DQ542MA driver to 2.84 peak amp/2.03 RMS setting. Correct me if Im wrong on that, if you feel Im safe to up it, please let me know. In the start up guide, smoothie says to set amp config to your motor settings, it gets me confused since driver setting are set lower than the 3amps, should I still set the config to 3.0?

Thank You!

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