Didn't see anyone else mention this,

Didn’t see anyone else mention this, but apparently the RUMBA board is actually up and available for order now?


Supports tri-extruders, and I’ve had experience with it…it’s a damn well engineered board. Seriously had someone tossing this on the top of his power supply, shorting things out left and right, hooking up endstops willy nilly and the thing always came back to life (though he may have just been lucky)

Also looks like the Prusa Nozzle is being shipped by them!: http://www.reprapdiscount.com/hotends/43-prusanozzle-original-by-josef-prusa.html

Holy crap it’s christmas and I don’t have any money! =D

Ya, apparently @Josef_Prusa does all of his announcements through twitter.
I saw the nozzles on sale on ebay and I thought “oh great, a Chinese knockoff” then I looked around and found out they were the real thing.

…you know, I signed up for updates through his website. Never got a single one. :frowning:

je poséde le circuit imprimer mais pas les composant pour la monté il faut prévoir un bon refroidissement avec radiateur et ventilateur
mois j utilise la version reprap gen7 v.14

If anyone gets the PrusaNozzle, please report back. I have a hunch that it will show a sub-par performance.

@Thomas_Sanladerer , mind explaining your theory?

@ThantiK sure thing, i’ll work on getting a detailed post out during the day (it’s 6:40AM here). For now, let me point out how most of the metal hotends have a short, turned down part of stainless steel and a cooler above that part to create a controlled transition from solid to molten. The PrusaNozzle does not have this and, based on what i’ve seen im my experiments, that will cause a whole lot of issues that are pretty hard to get under control with our current softwares’ abilities.

Looking forward to more details. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering one, as it doesn’t look like Josef is gonna get me the one he offered. I’ve moved away from 3mm filament, but I told some people we were going to do an E3D vs MetalMagma vs PrusaNoz, so I’m obligated at this point. :slight_smile:

Not sure to understand well. Motor drivers are included in that board ?

@Couby_Stark no. That’s just the board. No motor drivers. No thermistors. No endstops. But it does contain the microcontroller on board already. So it would be like buying an Arduino Mega + RAMPS

Ok thank you Anthony :-).

I ordered a second rumba yesterday (got in on the kickstarter) should be here tomorrow according to fedex, cann’t wait the first one has been rock soild on my i3