Did anyone built a resin printer utilizing the Projektorboard DLP2000 LightCrafter?

(Marcus Alexander Link) #1

Did anyone built a resin printer utilizing the Projektorboard DLP2000 LightCrafter? https://youtu.be/RxQ4GFfPJFo

(michaell aguilar saavedra) #2

esta buena excelente

(Whosawhatsis) #3

I don’t see any specs, but I bet that neither the resolution nor the light intensity would be sufficient for the task.

(Marcus Alexander Link) #4

@all Can anyone just test it on a 10x10cm area …

(Ingo Ulrich) #5

@Whosa_whatsis I just had a look at the User’s Guide PDF from http://www.ti.com/lit/pdf/dlpu049 : Resolution 640x360, brightness 20 lm typical, 30 lm max, focus distance 10 to 60 inches. It doesn’t say anything about the picture size at this minimum distance, but at a guess: maybe bright enough (but at the appropriate UV wavelength for the resin? no clue…), but the resolution sounds a little “not much to write home about” for that application… but if anyone’s still willing to give it a shot, don’t let me stop you :grinning:

(Whosawhatsis) #6

640x360 is actually a little better than I expected. I’ve seen pico projectors that were half that. Still, you’d probably want to double it at least for printing purposes, unless you’re focusing it down to an extremely small area to make something, for example, the size of a single ring or D&D miniature.

20-30 lumens is pretty pitiful, though. For comparison, the projectors used for DIY resin printers are roughly 100x that. Those, of course, are not using UV-specific light sources, so if you used a daylight resin or were able to replace the lightsource with some kind of high-power UV LED (and remembering that lumens measure the total amount of light emitted), concentrating that light down to a build area small enough to give you useful results with that limited resolution, I imagine you could do something with resin. It would make for a very small printer, though, and you’re probably better off with one of the newer LCD masking techniques.