Did anyone attempt ,

Did anyone attempt , or know of any (open source) attempts of using curable resins on a moving head (printhead) & uv curing ? Ie not “immersed” DLP printing but “targeted” DLP ? (edit checked: called "Inkjet printer systems " )

The main advantage I see with this kind of approach is that you can use multiple materials in the same print more easily.
Unfortunatly the only (NON OPEN) example I know of is this one :

I think most of the value this company brings to the table is in materials research.

@Billy yeah, their range of materials is impressive , as is the rest of the tech. But this is the kind of object complexity (material wise ) that i wish open source printers could achieve ( and at a significantly lower price :wink: )

As far as i know “inkjet” printers are the ones by Zcorp that use gypsum and water to layer prints. Are these called inkjet as well?

Those prints are pretty impressive. It would definitely be quite a feat if we can work this out in an OSHW machine.

Well, I was struggling with how to define them, and wikipedia listed them under the “inkjet” printers.

Is there anything we can’t achieve as an OSHW community though? :slight_smile: with time (lots) and dedication ( same)!
I would have loved to work on something similar, unfortunatly given the price of resins ; it is way out of my league.
Basic idea was to use any “basic” cartesian bot, combined with an Inkshield (although the viscosity might be an issue) & uv leds ,for very small scale tests.

The many-materials Objet Connex are pretty much the most expensive 3D printers out there, right? (carbon nanotube weaving machines from the automotive industry aside) I have heard that even if you own a connex, the consumables are crazy expensive so you need to get a draft printer to prep for your prints. But I must admit that I always go over and take a look at their stuff at tradeshows and am impressed.