Desktop CNC, Yes or No?

I have a 500 x 500 X-Carve but have always wanted to play with a small desktop CNC. I want to play with PCB fabrication and jewelry making.

The cheap desktop versions are the 3018 ect style units that go from about $150.00 and up.

Of course I have a 3D printer and laser cutter so I could DIY but I figured I would spend the same amount of money as just buying one.

Looking to see if anyone has experience with these and your thought and ideas.


Found one for $130.00 and bought it.


Had a nice surprise today. I ordered this on Christmas day and it said it would not be delivered until the end of January. Well it was just dropped off at the house! Now to find time to put it together.
I also noticed that the price has increased $20.00.


I have it assembled. There was a hitch when one of the lower rods did not have the end machined and tapped but because of of how it is assembled, it does not really affect the build. It did take a few messages back and forth to the seller to get the part replaced. They were very helpful and cooperative in getting the part replaced. I am in the middle of updating an old laptop to use with it. Upgraded the memory and adding a SSD.
This model is quite sturdy and I am sure it will work just fine for simple tasks.

Here is a picture of the bad rod.