designed in Inventor and rendered in Showcase..

(Siddharth Dubey) #1

#iphone5s designed in Inventor and rendered in Showcase… How about this for a #3DPrinting

(Woody Williams) #2

Wow! Are we looking at renderings or an actual print (screws & all)?

(Siddharth Dubey) #3

as of now its just rendering…

(Woody Williams) #4

Are you considering printing it? It would make front page of 3Ders et al and could show the current precision of desktop fabrication.

As a minimum we could say, “iPhone… Check! Done that.” :slight_smile: Think about it.

(Siddharth Dubey) #5

.sounds good

(Siddharth Dubey) #6

@Woody_Williams I would love to print it but unfortunately i don’t have a 3D printer…though the idea is awesome.

(Woody Williams) #7

Since I’ve concentrated on support and training technicians, the 3D printers I have on hand wouldn’t do us justice.

I’ll reach out to a few friends with shops and see if they’d like to get involved. We’d print just one and show the world :slight_smile:

(Siddharth Dubey) #8

@Woody_Williams thnks buddy…and let me know if you need any help from my side.

(james wolf) #9

wait, what is this post about? its not 3D printing. you cant 3D print an Iphone anyways. I think you are looking for a 3D design community, not this one

(Woody Williams) #10

I thought (hoped) he’d printed his design as well, not yet. No ones talking about printing a working iPhone just a convincing printed one.

(Siddharth Dubey) #11

its impossible to print a working iphone…but even if the print is convincing enough to complement a working phone…it will be a great achievement.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #12

I don’t know of anything yet that can print it in one shot as a convincing part, as convincing as the retail dummies anyway. Add Metallic paint and apply a glossy inkjet print of the screen face, maybe.

(Chris Lane) #13

If you want a printout that looks like the phone a bit…MCor:

(Siddharth Dubey) #14

@Chris_Lane it`s really interesting looks quite real…

(Siddharth Dubey) #15

@Jeff_DeMaagd exactly even if it`s printed in as a single part…more finishing work will be required to make it feel real.

(Chris Lane) #16

Yes, I wish I had one of those Mcor printouts as a sample (anyone know how or where I can order one?) to play with some finishing techniques.