D1 or D1 Pro?

My husband recently purchased a Xtool Laser D1. We are not sure if it is a pro or not. 5w but wanting to upgrade to a 20w. Contacted xtool before purchasing the upgrade and was assured it would work fine and no cables or other items would be needed. After getting the 20w and connecting it to the unit we found out that an adapter is needed but no where does it state which one. Contacted Xtool again to be told the 20w is not compatible.
First how do we know if we have a D1 or D1 pro?
We purchased used so we are not sure.
2nd can the motherboard be upgraded to allow the 20w to work with our unit.
It seems like there are a lot of people in here who are very knowledgeable and may be able to help us please.
If not……we may have a few items for sale :flushed:

Some more info would help us help you

  • Pictures of your machine
  • Pictures of the motherboard showing all connections
  • Pictures of the connector where the laser plugs into the motherboard
  • Pictures of the 5W and 20W head
  • Pictures of the power supply showing its model # and power specs
  • Link to where you bought the upgrade.

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The Xtool D1 and Xtool D1 Pro are both laser engravers, but they have some key differences.

  • Laser power: The Xtool D1 is available with a 10W or 5W laser, while the Xtool D1 Pro is available with a 20W or 40W laser. The higher the laser power, the more powerful the engraver will be and the thicker materials it can cut.
  • Speed: The Xtool D1 has a maximum speed of around 160 mm/s, while the Xtool D1 Pro has a routing speed of up to 400 mm/s. This means that the Xtool D1 Pro can engrave or cut projects twice as fast as the Xtool D1.
  • Safety features: The Xtool D1 Pro has a number of safety features that the Xtool D1 does not, such as:
    • Limit switches: These prevent the laser from moving beyond the edge of the working area.
    • Flame detection: This will automatically shut down the laser if it detects a flame.
    • Shake detection: This will automatically shut down the laser if it detects excessive shaking.
    • Alarm: This will sound if the laser is not properly aligned or if the laser head is not properly secured.
  • Software: The Xtool D1 Pro comes with more advanced software than the Xtool D1. This software includes features such as:
    • Auto tracing: This will automatically trace the outline of an image or text.
    • Raster engraving: This allows for more precise engraving of images and text.
    • Air assist: This helps to prevent smoke and fumes from accumulating around the laser head.

Overall, the Xtool D1 Pro is a more powerful, faster, and safer laser engraver than the Xtool D1. However, it is also more expensive. If you are looking for a powerful and versatile laser engraver, the Xtool D1 Pro is a great option. If you are on a budget, the Xtool D1 is still a good choice.

Here is a table that summarizes the key differences between the two models:

Feature Xtool D1 Xtool D1 Pro
Laser power 10W or 5W 20W or 40W
Speed Up to 160 mm/s Up to 400 mm/s
Safety features None Limit switches, flame detection, shake detection, alarm
Software Basic software Advanced software with features such as auto tracing, raster engraving, and air assist
Price Starting at $499 Starting at $799

After looking at everything, I’m unfortunately convinced that I have a D1 and not a D1 pro. If this is the case, what are my options with regards to using the 20w pro laser module that bought?

I didn’t do enough research and “trusted” the person I bought it from and I even sent xtools an email with a picture of my current 5w module and they said that I just needed to swap out connections. Now that I’m in this position I’m at a loss for words….having potentially and unnecessarily spent $548 for something I might not be able to use.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve got an electronics background so I would look at the signals which drive the laser. On the Ortur laser modules there was a TTL level PWM which controlled the laser on/off and power level and then there were the ground and 12V lines. If that’s what you got too then most likely you just need to get a 12V power supply to power the 20W laser. if the power for a 5W was 1.5A then 4 times that is 6A so I would look for a 10A 12V power supply you can use to power the laser and as long as the original ground is still connected to the laser, the TTL/Sig line should be able to control the laser.

The added power and the different stepper motors is why they say you need a new controller and wiring harness along with new stepper motors… But maybe you can get the laser running with a bit of independent wiring.

My thinking was the same as @dougl.
That is the differences that need to be accounted for may be:

  1. The 20 w laser needs a higher capacity supply (12V)
  2. The connections to the motherboard may not match so an adapter cable may need to be made
    1. The connector type and # of pins
    2. The signals on that connector

That is the reason for these questions. This information may lead us to recommend the changes you need.

The 5-watt units are coming down in price. If you look around you can find the D1Pro 5-watt units for under $400. Get a D1 Pro 5-watt and pit the 20-watt head you have on it.

Walmart has them for $339.00