CW-3000 water cooler purchase

For Christmas I received an Amazon gift card. I have been wanting to upgrade my cooling system and figured that I would have close to the amount of money in a home brew system as purchasing the CW-3000.

I already have an industrial chiller so cooling is not why I purchased it although the temp here in northern AZ in the summer is a cool and dry 80 degrees. Having an integrated water tank, pump and flow switch made a lot of sense for me. I am still going to add external temp sensors rather than use the one that came with the cooler.

As most of you know, I love a bargain and found one with this cooler. It was $20.00 cheaper due to “the packaging being damaged.” It came in a perfect box with everything new and unopened so I do not know if I received the bargain one or a new one. I also found the perfect roller platform at the clearance section of Michael’s. I was going to make one with wheels and plywood but for $5.00 I could not resist!

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So now you have two coolers ?!!!

One passive with pump, flow switch and tank , one flow through refrigerant.