Customizing Coppelia (my boat)

While giving my boat a spring scrub-down I took a few pictures of just some of the things I engraved, cut and printed for her over the last few years.

Ladder rungs, while I had them off for a sand down and oil bath I put them in the laser… The ‘font’ is actually a photo of the name as written on her stern; pathed, cleaned and scaled in inkscape. Giving me a .svg I can use everywhere.

Details plate, engraved in my favorite ‘duo’ engravable plastic. It’s holding up well in a very sun-drenched and frequently kicked position.

Logos cut from cheap PVC decorators foil from my local DIY megastore. Also holding up well after a couple of years very exposed on the stern.

Keyfob; It’s 90% foam inside a laser-cut wooden shell sandwiched in reverse-engraved plastics. Also a 3d-printed housing for the lock mechanism.

Rear light bracket, allows ropes to ‘flow’ over the light and not tangle on it. My own OpenSCAD design that hides all the screws, 2 part PC-ABS print. Really tough.


You really know how to rock the boat!

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All of the pieces came out swimmingly.

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