Critter we have in the backyard

In Texas, we have rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and all sorts of other vipers.

Printed 7 inches tall. The automatic supports were a pain to remove so reprinting with a setting of automatic but only critical areas. Greatly reduces the number of supports. I’ve never used that setting so we’ll see if how well it does.

P.S. I should have added a pic of the actual print as well.


I liked the Prusa Slicer’s added support painting feature and the exclude-support painting. Can greatly reduce support and decide how much bridging I want to accept.


To be honestly frank, I am a complete newb to 3d printing stuff even after 2 years. I feel totally comfortable with cnc pattern making but 3d printing is still just that 10% extra that makes all the difference.

I have no idea on how to use 3rd party slicers on a P1P, but to be honest the bambu slicer has been awesome so far. All errors have been on my side so far.

The automatic critical area print failed for this print so going back and trying something else.

lol. Wife claimed the first print so still have to make one for myself.

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The Bambu Labs slicer is based off of the Prusa Slicer so hopefully they kept the ability to paint support and likewise paint support keep-out areas.

Try this:
Select your model on the slicer and then hit shift-L and maybe the Paint-on support dialog will show up.


You rock. That totally works. I have the second print going so can’t try it but will have to try it in the future.

My focus has been on making the models and at some point need to get better at using the tools.


Of course had to make a cnc pattern. Still needs a little bit of tweaking.