CReality CR-10 First Impressions

I’ve had a Orion Delta 3D printer for years. Small round build plate, about 200mm diameter. It’s been well used, and through the wars. But still works.

I noticed on Amazon, the CR-10 has £90 off until the end of January. This only really brings the price inline with BangGood, but delivery is preferable next day rather than sometime this year - so I bought one.

I’m blown away by it - large build volume 300x300x400. Apart from the psu fan, it is completely silent. Easy to put together, bed levelling is simple. Has filament sensor as standard. It will resume prints after power cut etc.

If anyone is considering one - I highly recommend it :+1:


A quick update:

Still working perfectly. I updated the firmware to Marlin, as its more stable than the proprietary CReality (plus I can play with it)

I saw an offer on Banggood for another one at only £200, so I now have 2!