Creality CP-01 multi head 3D printer, Laser engraver,CNC router

Not sure if this is the right place but here goes.
I bought the above machine a little while ago and it works fine as a 3D printer but the Creality Workshop software that came with it will only convert jpeg files for the laser and cnc.
My question is would i be able to use LaserWeb with it as it would seem to be what i’m after as regards usability. The CP-01 runs an older version of Marlin 0.03!! and has a Meanwell power supply., the same as the Ender3 pro.

I don’t know if the CP-01 would work with LW4. LaserWeb does support Marlin, but it’s not very well tested. Marln lacks some features that are especially usefull for laser engravers, like S parameter on G1 moves, so it will be at least slower. I guess you just need to try it. :wink:

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