Could anyone head me out on a good system to scan objects to get

Could anyone head me out on a good system to scan objects to get able to copy them. I know kinetic from the Xbox can scan but not to detailed. there are laser scanners but they’re expensive you guys know any other ways and also would like to know about programs to run the run scans.

Photogrammetry - e.g.
I like this one personally, it’s pretty easy to set up, the work in blender can be a pain though, but that could just be my experience with it.

try "Agisoft " or “David Laser Scanner”

I like Agisoft… no lasers required just use a camera and start shooting…

Oh yeah, there’s 123d catch, which does almost all the work for you. it only needs a camera.

David is expensive. The free version exports in a very low resolution.

Also, 123D Catch and Agisoft both produce a mesh with very nice 2D textures but low 3D detail. I would look into using ReconstructMe with PrimeSense’s close-range version of the kinect (Carmine).

Will multiple pictures work with a camera? Seems like the cheapest price. Want to copy an architectural design on a pillar. Had them fabricated out of metal but missing the small design details on the top and bottom of the pillar. Thinking I could 3d bring them and epoxy them on.

I suggest you begin by joining the Agisoft PhotoScan Forum. There you can find so much information on how to scan with a camera.