cOssel, frame assembled!

(Chris Dieringer) #1

cOssel, frame assembled!

(Wayne Friedt) #2

Good looking frame up. Is that stuff called 20 x 20 or something like that. Is there a brand name to search or just where in the heck can i buy it.
The corners you printed?

(Chris Dieringer) #3

Thank you. Yes it is. I purchased my 20 X 20 from The corners are printed. The rails are open rail from the openbuilds guys

(Cameron O'Neill) #4

Is this your design? Its exactly what I’ve been looking for (kossel with 20x20 and openbuilds rails) :smiley: Is there a place where I can get the files for the printed parts, or are those yet to be released?

(Chris Dieringer) #5

Hey Cameron. Yes, it is my work. I’m still assembling my own. As soon as I validate my own machine, I’ll post up the files. I’d expect four weeks?

(Cameron O'Neill) #6

Good luck in your endeavor!