CorelDraw to LaserWeb4, anyone?

CorelDraw to LaserWeb4, anyone? :o

My wife prefers CorelDraw for her workflow (she’s been using it for the longest time, including for her drag-knife and engraving plotter, and also has been using it with the FabLab’s lasers), but it’s currently not supported for LW4 input…
Our version of Corel** seems incapable of exporting usable DXF files, and it’s SVG files are showing weird behavior too (too often for instance, there’l be only partial content, or the content will be invisible on the LW4 CAM screen)
Does anyone have a work-process that works reliable for going from CorelDraw to LW4?

**) We’ve got the X7 edition, and it’s too expensive to just go and buy the latest to see whether it works better!

X8 doesn’t. I export as pdf, then open in Inkscape answer save as svg. Works great for me that way.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Seems to be working… Don’t even have to export as PDF, can just import the CDR… I’ll be testing the actual result shortly! :wink:

Going to save me a step, thanks.

I’m definitely interested in a better Corel draw to Laserweb flow. I’ll play around with some of these ideas and see if I can improve. I’ve used Corel for 25+ years and I’m not ready to give it up.

Best so far is what I’ve described a few posts back…

I’ll try as soon as I get some customer projects done. I would really like to eliminate the extra step and export from Corel to a LaserWeb-ready file.

I’d love that! :wink: