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Hi All

I recently tuned my extruder and changed the extruder steps/mm in the regular config file to 869. The config overide file however still shows 821.69 for extruder steps by accessing it via the LCD screen of using M501 code in proterface.
My question is what does the config overide actually doin terms of used values and how can I get it to display the correct value. So far any changes I have made have been by altering the config file directly, with only end stop offsets bing done in Proterface


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(Arthur Wolf) #2

If a value is set in the config override file, the value set in the normal configuration file will be gnored, and the overrided value will be used instead.


(d3delta3d_SW) #3

Thanks Arthur. I send an M502 command and cleared the settings since I am re calibrating.

(marco048_SW) #4

I issue a M500 and console confirms writing to config-override, but there is no such file present at sd/ ? So all my parameters are lost on restart.

Any ideas?

(Arthur Wolf) #5

Can you try formating your SD card ? Also if you can try using another SD card.