Computer not recognizing the laser


I bought a Chinese laser cutter from Alibaba, and I had few problems.

When I start the machine, it keeps going back on the Y axis even though it’s home, and it makes a really loud noise, also my pc isn’t recognizing the machine.

There was a usb with the machine, the supplier told me I need to plug it in to make the pc recognize the machine, I don’t know how is this possible, I haven’t tried it yet and I thought I should get help.

Can you provide a link to the machine you bought?

You have to install the driver on your computer. I suspect that is on the USB key.

The loud sound when the machine homes are often caused by the endstop optical switch in the upper left not working.
This can be caused by the flag that interrupts the sensor being bent and or the sensor is damaged.

Can you post a picture of that sensor?

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It’s not similar to the other k40s

Perhaps a video of the carriage when it homes would help.

I would check that switch.

I am not sure but perhaps not having the driver installed may cause this?

I just found out why it keeps coming home, there was a cable unconnected. However, when I press test on the machine it won’t fire. Do I need to install a driver to fire the laser?

Thank you.

You should be able to fire the laser without drivers.
Post a picture of your laser power supply and control panel.

The laser will not fire unless:

  • Laser Switch is on
  • Interlocks are closed
  • Waterflow switch is engaged (water is flowing)

Do you have coolant and pump running?

If you have coolant flow press the test button down on the LPS and see if that will fire the laser.

Caution: the beam on this machine can blind you so keep covers closed and employ protective eyewear.

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