Compile errors when using fastled & RFDuino When compiling a fastled script with as

Compile errors when using fastled & RFDuino

When compiling a fastled script with as targetboard the RFDuino i receive an error that the avr/io.h could not be found.
I tried to debug but can’t figger it out …
What is AVR ?
Is it the ‘arduino variant’ maker that is supposed to deliver the corresponding AVR files & setup?

While mark and I have a couple of rfduino’s, we haven’t had a chance to work on building for them yet.

compiling in what? the arduino IDE? AVR is the micro architecture used in the microcontroller on arduinos (with the exception of the Due, which is ARM.)

I forgot that the rfduino is an arm based setup, but a cortex m0 - while there’s code in the library to fall back to digitalWrite for pin access, I’m going to have to put some work in to defining/optimizing pin and hardware spi access.

That said, it should be building - I’m not sure offhand what is including avr/io.h but that should be gated by making sure we are an avr system.

It is the ‘giladaya flame script’ (updated for fastled and correctly working on uno) compiling with arduino ide. Rfduino setup is correctly done as multiple of the rfduino sample scripts are working correctly.
Error is generated in fastled/controller.h

Yah, rfduino is basically a new platform for us to support - I’d need to take a look at what’s going on in there code and how the rfduino folks are doing things like compiler defines to fix, just for compling. Once again, though, beyond just making it compile there’s going to be some work beyond that for the direct pin and hardware spi access for it to not run slowly (or for that matter for the timings for ws2811 and friends to work right)

I assume there is not that much i could assist in. Feel free to contact me if extra testing is needed.