(CLOSED) CONTEST, WIN A 3D PRINTER! (CLOSED) Allright, the rules are simple.

(Daniel Norée) #1


Allright, the rules are simple. I´ll post a few more pics to this album during the week left until the release of the next OpenR/C Project next saturday.

I´d like to keep it simple so just post your guess in the comments (It´s important that you comment on the original post) and also (if you like) share your ideas behind the guess (if there are any).

I think it would be fair to say that each person can do one guess a day, so think carefully before guessing.

The one who first get´s the right answer will win a 3D Printer supplied by @Creative_Tools
I´ll see if we can throw in a runner up price aswell, i´ll let you now.

(Johan Frankzén) #2

My first guess would be that it’s a tricopter this looks like it could be a top cover with three risings for the booms, picture taken from the front

(Stefan Frisk) #3

That’s a quadcopter, no doubt!

(Jimmy Edwards) #4

Bicycle Seat

(john steckelberg) #5

It’s a 3D printer!

(Niklas Ramström) #6

Its a rc robot, names like t200 or something. Think its the chest peace or helmet / head on the picture

(Klaus Daume) #7

Aww nah… Correction. It will be a RC spider / hexbot since there is imprint ontop of it.

(Eric Crawford) #8

An RC Tarantula…

(Ted Bäckman) #9

Since it is past 00:00 and a new day now im taking my second guess.
RC Catamaran?

(Eric Crawford) #10

And for my second guess the next day, an RC Tank

(Jeremy Marvin) #11

Formula 1 car

(André Roy) #12

(kinda looks like it might be a gas tank?)

(Stephen Baird) #13

That looks like a keel to me… I’m guessing it’s a boat, probably a radio controlled one?

(Jason Kelly) #14

it’s a deep v boat

(Matt Kraemer) #15

R/C hovercraft

(RL Nelson) #16

Looks kind of like goggles from the top. More please. ;-]

(Chaps' Unlimited) #17

A bicycle helmet?

(David Cushing) #18

I’m going for it and saying it’s a CubeSat.

(Mike Creuzer) #19

Cowl (that the right word?) for a formula 1 style pan car.

(Stefan Frisk) #20

Rc killer whale?